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You’re ready to stop dreaming and start doing! 

You’re tired a working for someone else and want to be able to make a good income doing work that you enjoy that makes a positive difference in the world.


You have so many ideas and feel frustrated that you haven’t been able to make then happen. You may find it hard to find the time to work on your ideas. And it can be really hard to tell people about your ideas and what you do.

You may even start doubting whether it’s possible to make a difference – most of the time you’re feeling tired and even a bit burnt out.

You long for the freedom you imagine would come with being your own boss but it all feels rather stressful and overwhelming. And you begin to wonder:

Could you actually make this work?

You’re not alone. So many people struggle believing that they have what it takes to create a thriving and successful business AND make a positive impact.

That’s where I come in!

I help struggling or would-be entrepreneurs, freelancers or self-employed professionals build their confidence so they can achieve their business goals from a place of personal thriving rather than stress and exhaustion.

Everyday in my practice as a Psychologist and Coach I see people struggle to value themselves and their ideas. My job is to help you deal with your fear and self-doubt so that you can keep taking action! I help you successfully turn your ideas into reality and put yourself and your ideas out into the world by helping you:

  • Get clear on your direction and focus
  • Develop habits which help you take action
  • Get more done in less time
  • Deal with overwhelm.
  • Manage the fear of rejection so you can market your ideas, products and services

About Me – Alison Breen

I’m Alison. I’m a Clinical psychologist and Coach. I run a private practice from home (since 2008) and an online coaching business. I have two small children so being able to work from home and be my own boss has been such a gift!

I know what it’s like to question your value.

But I also know how good it feels when you’re able to start moving forward and take action towards making ideas happen!

So I’m on a mission to help other women build their confidence so that they can have the freedom and security that comes with being in control of your work life.

I’m also know that in order to make a significant impact in the world, you need to be thriving yourself, otherwise you will burnout. 

Most of my time is spent working and looking after my children. But I also love making healthy food, being outdoors, exploring how to be a better parent (an ongoing journey!). I also love exercising but at the moment that’s limited to walking with the kids and sneaking in some yoga and stretching before I get climbed on!

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I look forward to helping you build confidence to create a thriving business!

Alison Breen


  • Clinical Psychology Masters (University of Cape Town)
  • Coaching Course (Mentor Coach)
  • Research Psychology Masters (Stellenbosch University)
  • Currently completing PhD in psychology through Stellenbosch University.